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Everyone is welcome to attend our next Board meeting:  Thursday, November 8, at 7:00 p.m. at Acting Co-President Anne Berner’s House (3419 Brookside Way),Carmichael,CA. 


Minutes of the October 18, 2012, Annual Member Meeting


Acting Co-President Manda Ness called the meeting to order at 7:09 p.m. at the Carmichael Library.  The following Board members (noted by an “x” at the left of their names) were in attendance:



Anne Berner


Richard Humphrey


Julia Reyes


Lora Cammack


Riki Merrick


David Schoellhamer


Sharon Doughty


Buck Meyer


Cindy Younger


Sandy Helland


Manda Ness





Welcome by Manda Ness:  To introduce the Carmichael Creek Neighborhood Association (CCNA) to the many friends and neighbors in the audience, Manda gave a brief history of the CCNA, explaining its purpose and mentioning the many activities sponsored by the CCNA.


She then introduced the three speakers featured at the meeting.  Summaries of their talks appear below.



Susan Peters – Sacramento County Supervisor:


Susan Peters introduced her chief-of-staff, Howard Schmidt, as the main contact person for her office.

She described the state of the budget forSacramentoCounty: Five years of reduced revenues have forced a 25% reduction in staff.  This loss in revenue is primarily due to a reduction in property taxes on foreclosed homes, so this will be the trend for several more years. 


Safety is still the #1 priority for county and 37% of the discretionary funds in the budget are allocated for that.  She stressed that residents should report any incident of criminal activity, even if immediate help is not needed, as it helps to identify “hot-spots” for the deployment of officers.


Carmichaelmain street improvements: The intersection at Marconi andFair Oaks Blvdhas been completed. SacramentoCountyhas a grant to improveFair Oaks Boulevardfrom Engle to Landis.  Construction is scheduled for 2014.  Currently, staff is working on right-of-way issues, landscaping and utility lines. 


Other improvements of note: The new AutoZone building, the relocation and expansion of Naroe’s Bakery, and the planned development of the strip mall south of Marconi, with plans for patio seating.  There are no immediate plans for the vacant property near the old Crestview Bowling Alley.


Supervisor Peters stressed that the county can cite building owners of vacant buildings if there are reports of blight and unkempt facilities.  If panhandlers are in the medians of streets, residents should report those incidents to the Highway Patrol.


TheAmerican River Parkwayhas high camper concentration.  Efforts to clean campgrounds on the parkway nearer downtownSacramentomay push folks to move up the river, but park rangers and social workers are trying to address the problem and prevent that migration.


SacramentoCountyhas a large backlog of street maintenance requests.  Residents should report potholes online at



Deputy Dennis Peyton, Problem Oriented Policing (POP) Officer, Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department:


POP has six deputies.  Deputy Peyton is new toCarmichael, but not new to the job.  POP units deal with transient issues and graffiti.


Deputy Peyton ( stressed that neighborhood watch programs are good ways to address crime in the area.  He reiterated Susan Peters’ comments that all crimes should be reported to the Sheriff’s Department.  If residents are worried about graffiti being gang related, they should take pictures and email the pictures to the Sheriff’s Department.


The Sheriff’s office has a very informative website at  They also have recently added a new crime reporting website where one can find all types of crimes reported in any given area.  That site is:


Sherrie Carhart is the Sheriff’s Office North Area Crime Prevention Specialist.  She can help your street start a Neighborhood Watch.  She also conducts community meetings.  The next meting for the Carmichaelarea is at 6:30 p.m., November 13 at El Camino High School.  Sherrie can be contacted at:  Deputy Peyton stated that the department always needs volunteers and interested persons should contact Sherrie to volunteer.



Chris Nelson, Public Information Officer, Carmichael Water District (CWD)


In his PowerPoint presentation, Chris reported accomplishments and future plans of the CWD.  He stated that the CWD has plans to initiate a water rate study for 2013-14.  This study will include a citizen advisory committee.


A private water agency inRancho Cordova(Golden State Water) has approached the CWD about treating their water as it is contaminated and they lack the necessary water treatment facilities.  Chris stressed that the water rights of Carmichael Water District would not be affected and the CWD could garner fees from the arrangement.


The CWD gets about 80% of its water from theAmericanRiverand 20% from wells


This year, the CWD nominated the CCNA neighborhood for the Blue Thumb program, sponsored by the Regional Water Authority.  The CCNA was selected, and residents within the CCNA boundaries, together with residents from the neighboring Carmichael Colony Neighborhood Association, were invited to attend workshops to learn ways to minimize water use through more efficient irrigation systems and landscaping better suited toCarmichael’s hot, dry summers.  Chris reported that the program was a great success with very good participation.


After the speakers concluded their remarks, Manda Ness called to order a short CCNA business meeting at 8:28 p.m.


Highlights of the CCNA Business Meeting:


Treasurer’s Report:  Treasurer Sharon Doughty was not present; however Anne Berner referred members to the latest available treasurer’s report (meeting minutes from September 13, 2012) which are shown here: 


Beginning balance  (May 24, 2012)


Deposits and credits (+)


Expenses (-)


Ending balance



Membership:  Anne Berner reported that we had 134 member households last year.  It is membership renewal time and members should have received renewal notices.  (Membership note:  Many members already have sent their $20 renewal fee.  If you have not yet renewed, a renewal form and envelope are included with these minutes).


On behalf of Sharon Doughty, Anne Berner thanked everyone who delivered newsletters to all residents within the CCNA boundaries.


Election of CCNA Board of Directors:  The following slate of CCNA board members for 2012-2013 was elected by a voice vote of the membership (Motion by Manda Ness, second by Riki Merrick).


Berner, Anne

Cammack, Lora

Doughty, Sharon

Dunn, Sandra

Helland, Sandy

Humphrey, Richard

Merrick, Riki

Meyer, Buck

Ness, Amanda

Reyes, Julia

Shell, Laverne

Younger, Cindy


Boulevard Brush Up:  Anne Berner invited all members to join in thelast Boulevard Brush-Up for this year on Sunday, October 21, 2012 at 9 a.m. at the Tennis courtsCarmichaelPark.


Next Meeting:  The CCNA board meets every second Thursday of the month and members are always welcome.  The next meeting will be Thursday, November 8, 2012 at Anne Berner’s house (3419 Brookside Way).


The meeting was adjourned at 8:45 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,


Riki Merrick, Secretary