Minutes of the CCNA Board Meeting

Tuesday, February 11th, 2020

In attendance (9):

The meeting was called to order just about on time. Prior to the first order of business (the election of officers), Gareth handed out an updated roster of the Board of Directors. Cindy Younger has resigned from the Board; therefore, we are now at 11 Board members; according to the bylaws, we need 40% of the Board present at a meeting to take action (40% of 11 = ~5). Therefore, we had a quorum. Gareth will send out the updated roster with the corrected email information for Amanda.

I. Election of Officers for the 2020 Year

Gareth proposed the following slate:

During the discussion, Anne said she wanted to let go of Membership. Membership is generally handled by a committee, so Anne will work with the person/people who take over the function. Amanda and Jorel stepped forward and the three of them will work out the necessary details before the October meeting, which is when dues are due. Also, prior to the meeting, Gareth emailed an additional agenda item from Jorel that covers some of the functions of membership, the posting of minutes on the website, and other items. Gareth made the motion to accept the slate as proposed with Amanda and Jorel working with Anne on the Membership Committee. Lora seconded the motion. Aye’s = 9; Nay’s = 0; Abstentions = 0. The motion carried.

II. Jorel’s Emailed Proposal for the CCNA Website (new topic)

The membership discussion dovetailed into Jorel’s proposal to modernize CCNA’s website. In a nutshell, we have an automated database (Access) that generates the membership addresses. Jorel proposes that we update this database to a new, online software that will allow multiple people to view the data online. It would further automate the membership database in that we could email the membership using this online tool instead of the Excel spreadsheet we use now. Since we pay for online hosting of the database, there would only be an additional fee for a security certificate that would prevent spamming and hacking (Jorel’s email description of the proposed upgrade is attached).

During the discussion, Anne said there are about 30 people who do not use computers at all, so we would have to make sure they are included. Jorel can work on developing the website in May.

There is no formal motion for the Board at the present time. There was also discussion about using a feature such as PayPal so folks can pay their dues electronically and what the fee structure would be for CCNA.

III. Treasurer’s Report

Sharon emailed the report prior to the meeting along with the Microsoft Word document. Gorg brought several copies to share. The only item that requires action is paying for the website’s expenses in March. We agreed to let that happen when Jorel requires it (see previous discussion).

IV. Projected Expenditures for the Year (new topic)

This topic is the result of the website project. What the CCNA is going to support with donations, such as the Carmichael Music in the Park and the Effie Yeaw Nature Center, to name but two. The bylaws say that we can support those items that enhance the quality of the “neighborhood” even if they are not in our specific area. In general, what other things can we support? The new playground at the park, for instance, was brought up at the Annual meeting.

Gorg suggested that we table this topic until the May meeting as it is wide-ranging (the CCNA Direction/Goals for 2020 item on the agenda would also included here). The suggestion was agreed to. Sharon moved to keep the Effie Yeaw donation that happens in March and Anne seconded it. Aye’s = 9; Nay’s = 0; Abstentions = 0. The motion carried.

V. Membership Report

We stand at 151 members, slightly down from last year.

VI. Secretary’s Report

The minutes from the Annual meeting in November were posted and emailed to the membership.

VII. Old Business

Regarding the Fair Oaks Blvd. letter, the issue has been rendered moot as the property in question is now the headquarters for R. Desmond’s campaign office, so no further discussion.

VIII. New Business

7 Eleven Proposal

Emails from various people about a proposed 7 Eleven on Sutter generated some discussion and a comment from Lora that the bylaws say the CCNA can participate in community-wide issues. The Fair Oaks Blvd. Master Plan was such an issue. Gareth added that the CCNA didn’t weigh in as an organization, but that individual members did.

6248 Stanley Update

This is not a planning project. Currently, there are no planning projects in our area. Gareth showed us the websites associated with planning, zoning, and environmental reviews. They are:

The show-and-tell sparked an idea to get a CPAC person to talk to us about CPAC. Or, perhaps we go to a CPAC meeting to share our mission? Perhaps in conjunction with the Carmichael Colony Neighborhood Association? These meetings are an opportunity to inquire about the 7 Eleven proposal. Gareth will take this on in May. The meeting was adjourned at 8:05 p.m.

From Jorel’s email sent February 11th:

CCNA - IT Improvement Proposal

Central Membership Database

Currently, Anne Berner keeps track of our members via an Access database (or maybe another form of tracking at this point). I would like to upgrade this database to an online resource. This will enable us to have multiple administrative personnel that can view this data easily. This will also allow us to send emails in a different way as we can utilize the database when sending email notifications. Currently, I copy the emails from a spreadsheet and use the BCC line of the email form. Using BCC sometimes causes problems for the recipient as the email provider will identify the email as spam. We already pay the fee for database hosting, so there will be no additional charge for this change except for the SSL certificate fee.

Electronic Membership Renewal

Currently our members renew their membership by mailing in a renewal form with a check. Over the years this has been cumbersome for people as checks are being phased out, and mailing in a form requires a trip to the post office. This renewal process can stay in its current form, but I feel that we should also allow our members to renew via our website. We can do this by adding a form to our website that includes a PayPal widget to collect payment. The payment can go directly to our CCNA account and the expiration date for the member can be automatically updated.

SSL certificate

To provide electronic membership renewal, and to host a member database via the website, we will need to purchase an SSL certificate to ensure traffic on our website is encrypted. The cost of the SSL certificate will be about $40 / year.


Currently we produce our newsletter, and other publications, via PDFs. I would like to change this process to use a file format called markDown. This is a simple text document that uses symbols to format content. I created this document using markDown. If we are to use markDown for these publications, they will be ready to post to our website in HTML format. HTML is the format in which to deliver content to a web browser. Additionally, if we use markDown for our newsletter and other publications, these publications will be ready for email as well. No additional changes will be necessary.

Website - Mobile Friendly

I will be doing some changes to the website to make it more mobile friendly. The overall look and feel of the website will be similar, but the mobile version of the site will be different.

Preserve Sutter-Jensen Now Offline

Just an FYI, the preservesutterjensen.org site is now expired.

Treasurer's Report

Treasurer’s Report: February 11, 2020 Total Expenses for 2019 $2,652.00 (estimated)


Annual Expenses